What We Do

Deufo Electric produces hundreds of communications products such as medical optical fiber, wind power optical fiber, optical fiber cable assemblies , and special communications cable. Most of our customers come from the world’s best enterprises. In the several decades of Deufo’s constant communication with its customers and our joint efforts, Deufo has enjoyed common development with more and more very good customers and has become better.

Based on excellent supply chains, we can provide customers with a variety of customization solutions in fiber core, outer material, covering color, cable structure, cable printing and so on. We can also provide professional advice to help customers with type selection according to customers’ site application environment, communication distance, bandwidth requirements and other basic information.
Optical cable

Because of the specificity in the application of the industrial field, for different equipment, or in different environments, different requirements for cables and connector are needed. Therefore, we provide customers with customized solutions for cable assemblies . Wide inventory and standardized production and management have laid the foundation for the rapid response to the diverse needs of customers. Deufo sets no minimum purchase amount. For conventional orders of cable assemblies , goods will be delivered within 24 hours after the payment is received, and for emergency orders within 12 hours. Even if one cable assemblies  can be customized in order to ensure the customer’s needs of emergency repairs.
The special nature of fiber, it has a certain degree of difficulty in comprehensive cabling and connecting. Deufo provides on-site installation and on-site maintenance services of industrial fiber in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the whole Europe. The teams of professionals provide rapid response in the whole year of 365 days, ready to provide emergency maintenance for customers.
Fiber Optic Cabling Services