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POF Transceivers

       Industrial fiber optic transceivers provide the system designer with the ability to implement Industrial Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) or Ethernet (10 Mbps) over 50 meter standard bandwidth 0.5±0.05 NA POF and 100 meter standard bandwidth 0.37±0.04 NA HCS fiber. The industrial fast ethernet transceiver package consists of four basic elements; two optical subassemblies, an electrical subassembly and the housing.

       Versatile Link industrial control and general purpose data link devices are designed for plastic (1mm core diameter), HCS® (hard clad silica) optical fibers, multimode optical fibers or singlemode Glass fibers and operate at nominal wavelengths of 650, 820, or 1300 nm. The industrial control data link product line incorporates high-performance, reliability, long-wavelength optical devices, and proven circuit technology to provide long life and consistent performance.

       Deufo sales Avago, Toshiba, Sumitomo, HITAICH, Firecomms transceivers, and provide optical fiber patchcords; We also produce 5Mbps Versatile Link transceivers, can be replaced HFBR-1521Z, HFRB-2521Z.

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