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I-(ZN)V4Y(ZN)11Y 5P980/1000+1G62.5/125

I-(ZN)V4Y(ZN)11Y 5P980/1000+1G62.5/125 belong to POF GOF hybrid cable, 5EA POF +1 OM1 GOF; Inner jacket is PE, outer jacket is PUR, diameter 10.0 mm.

·POF to provide resistance to vibration anti-jamming communication, GOF provides high-speed communication.

·Performance is outstanding, can be used in the X-ray machine, CT and other medical equipment.

·Apply to - 55 ℃ to + 85 ℃ environment, tensile strength 400N, attenuation 150dB/km.

UV  Drag chain   Oil resistant   ROHS

Part no. Product Specification Code no. Fiber Type(um) No. of Cores O.D. (mm) Weight(kg/km)
I-(ZN)V4Y(ZN)11Y 5P980/1000+1G62.5/125 POF GOF hybrid cable, PA-PUR 35 980/1000 POF+62.5/125 GOF 5EA POF+1EA GOF 10 50
Unless otherwise special requirements, all of the listed product parameters are rating. Need other parameters such as fiber cores, outside material, tensile strength, etc., can be customized according to customer's request.
Please through www.deufo.com/service/index/id/79.html find the standard length of product.
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