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Deufo V-PIN Transceivers

Deufo industrial fiber optic transceivers, designed for plastics (core diameter 1 mm) HCS® (Polymer Cladded Fiber) fiber and run at 650 wavelengths, the interface is compatible with Versatile Link. Can substitute HFBR-1521Z, HFBR-2521Z, HFBR-1528Z, HFBR-2528Z 650nm fiber module. 

· Very low cost, don't need to change your circuit design.

· The industrial control data link product line incorporates high-performance, reliability, long-wavelength optical devices, and proven circuit technology to provide long life and consistent performance.

· Deufo 650nm optical transceiver design for information systems and industrial applications, has been used in the field of high voltage inverter, more applications, with you to create.


Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance VCC
Versatile LinkHFBR-1521 T-1521 R-2521 DC-5MBd 40m 200m 5V
T-1528 R-2528 DC-10MBd 40m 200m 5V
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