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HITACHI HyLinkFiber-optic Cable Transmission Component is made up of optical transmission modules and cables equipped with connectors for fiber-optic transmission. It is an effective noise countermeasure for the signal transmission lines of any industrial system. Fiber-optic Cable Transmission Component can respond to various transmission distances and speeds, ranging from a nearby location at a speed (e.g. 50 m away at 150 Mbps).

· HITACHI HyLink provide F06、F07 plastic optical fiber(APF 980/1000um) transceivers


Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance λ VCC



JIS F06JIS F06 transceivers DS9300(T) 50Mbps 20m   650nm 5V
DR9300(R) 50Mbps 20m   650nm 5V
JIS F07JIS F07 transceivers DC9370 50Mbps 20m 100m 650nm 5V
DC9331 10-125Mbps 20m 100m 650nm 5V
DC9510 45-150Mbps 20m 50m 650nm 3.3V
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