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Sumitomo H-PCF is widely used to underpin the social infrastructure and industrial systems, in such applications as inverter motors and power conversion equipment, and factory automation equipment, etc

· H-PCF consists of silica core & plastic clad. It offers better performance than all plastic fiber & lower cost than all glass fiber. Easy connectivity and high strength are also key features of H-PCF. H-PCF is widely used for various applications from traffic surveillance cameras, Electric Toll Collection (ETC) to Factory Automation.


Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance λ VCC

APF (980/1000um) NA=0.5

H-PCF (200/230um)

JIS F05JIS F05 Transceivers DF-1710/T 10Mbps   1000m 770nm 5V
DF-1710/R 10Mbps   1000m 770nm 5V
DF-1810/T 10Mbps   1000m 770nm 5V
DF-1810/R 10Mbps   100mm 770nm 5V
JIS F07JIS F07 Transceivers DF-2310 4Mbps   1000m 870nm 5V
DF-2710 10Mbps   1000m 770nm 5V
DF-2711 6Mbps 40m 200m 650nm 5V
DF-2810 10Mbps   1000m 770nm 5V
DF-2910 20Mbps   500m GI H-PCF 770nm 5V
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