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PCF/HCS Cable Assemblies

PCF cable assemblies(HCS 200/230um or H-PCF Cable) can be classified into Versatile Link (V-pin), JIS F05, JIS F06, JIS F07, JIS F08, SC, SMA (SERCOS), ST (BFOC), FC and LC.

On the basis of different interface standards, you can choose different types of cables according to the site environment, such as indoor, outdoor, towline, anti-torsion, anti-rat bite.

Our PCF, H-PCF fiber optic pathccords are compatible with Siemens, Bachmann, Mitsubishi and other brands PLC and industrial field control equipment, can replace the original fiber optic pathccords, significantly reduce operating costs.

We prepare the series PCF, HCS 200/230um, H-PCF cable inventory, regular orders within 2 working days of delivery, emergency repair orders within 12 hours of delivery.

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