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A-V4Y(ZN)11YB2Y 2P980/1000

A-V4Y(ZN)11YB2Y 2P980/1000 belongs to the industrial communication plastic optical fiber, inner jacket is PA, outer jacket is PUR, core diameter 1.0mm, outer diameter 9.4 mm.

· Use Mitsubishi bare fiber, optical performance excellence.

· Can be used in heavy duty environment, such as ship, heavy equipment.

· Apply to - 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃ environment, tensile strength 1000N, attenuation 150dB/km.


Part no. Product Specification Code no. Fiber Type(um) No. of Cores O.D. (mm) Weight(kg/km)
A-V4Y(ZN)11YB2Y 2P980/1000 POF Duplex Cable, 1.0mm Fiber, PA-PUR 38 980/1000 POF 2 9.4 64
Fiber cores, jacket material, tensile strength and other parameters, can be customized according to your request.
Please through www.deufo.com/service/index/id/79.html find the standard length of product.
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