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Avago industrial control and general purpose data link devices are designed for plastic (1mm core diameter), HCS® (hard clad silica) optical fibers, multimode optical fibers or singlemode Glass fibers and operate at nominal wavelengths of 650, 820, or 1300 nm. The industrial control data link product line incorporates high-performance, reliability, long-wavelength optical devices, and proven circuit technology to provide long life and consistent performance.

· These components are compatible with both plastic (1mm core diameter) and HCS® (hard clad silica) optical fibers.


Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance VCC
HorizontalHorizontal HFBR-1523Z HFBR-2523Z DC-40kBd 110m   5V
HFBR-1524Z HFBR-2524Z DC-1MBd 10m   5V
HFBR-1522Z HFBR-2522Z 45m   5V
HFBR-1522ETZ HFBR-2522ETZ 45m   5V
HFBR-1521Z HFBR-2521Z DC-5MBd 20m   5V
  HFBR-2521ETZ 20m   5V
HFBR-1528Z HFBR-2528Z DC-10MBd 40m 200m 5V
AFBR-1529Z   5V
AFBR-1624Z AFBR-2624Z DC-50MBd 50m   3.3V/5V
AFBR-1629Z AFBR-2629Z 50m   3.3V/5V
HFRB-1527Z HFBR-2526Z 125MBd 30m 100m 5V
HFRB-1527ETZ HFBR-2526ETZ 30m 100m 5V
HFRB-1527Z HFBR-2526Z 160MBd 50m 50m 5V
HFRB-1527ETZ HFBR-2526ETZ 50m 50m 5V
VerticalVertical HFBR-1533Z HFBR-2533Z DC-40kBd 110m   5V
HFBR-1534Z HFBR-2534Z DC-1MBd 10m   5V
HFBR-1532Z HFBR-2532Z 45m   5V
HFBR-1531Z HFBR-2531Z DC-5MBd 20m   5V
HFBR-1531ETZ HFBR-2531ETZ 20m   5V
HFBR-1537Z HFBR-2536Z 125MBd 30m 100m 5V
160MBd 50m 50m 5V
GradientTilted HFBR-1542ETZ HFBR-2542ETZ DC-1MBd 45m   5V
HFBR-1541ETZ HFBR-2541ETZ DC-5MBd 20m   5V
AFBR-1644Z AFBR-2644Z DC-50MBd 50m   3.3V/5V
Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance VCC
SMAsercos-sma HFBR-1505CZ HFBR-2505CZ DC-2MBd 50m 400m 5V
HFBR-1505CFZ HFBR-2505CFZ 50m 300m 5V
HFBR-1602Z HFBR-2602Z 20m   5V
HFBR-1604Z HFBR-2602Z 20m   5V
HFBR-1505AZ HFBR-2505AZ DC-10MBd 40m 200m 5V
HFBR-1505AFZ HFBR-2505AFZ 40m 100m 5V
HFBR-1506AMZ HFBR-2506AMZ DC-16MBd 45m 200m 5V
AFBR-1506AFZ AFBR-2506AFZ 45m 100m 5V
AFBR-1506AFZ AFBR-2555AFZ 2MBd-16MBd 45m   3.3V/5V
STST HFBR-1515BZ HFBR-2515BZ DC-10MBd 40m 200m 5V
HFBR-1515BFZ HFBR-2515BFZ 40m 100m 5V
Interface Part no. Date Rate Distance VCC
Versatile Link AFBR-5972Z 10/100Mbps 50m   3.3 -40 to +85
SC-RJ AFBR-5978Z 10/100Mbps 50m 100m 3.3V -25 to +85
SFP LC HFBR-57E5APZ 100Mbps 2000m(Multimode )   3.3V -40 to +85
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