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Optical Fiber Cable

Different target markets have different application environments, so different kinds of cables are needed to meet the demand in bandwidth, colors, cold-resistance, anti-rat biting, and repeatedly wiring. We offer our customers customized services. They only need to provide the application environment, bandwidth requirements, usage habits and other information, and we can provide customers with professional advice. For example, plastic optical fiber is recommended for short-range shock-resistant communications between machines, polymer cladded fiber for long-range communications between devices, and silica fiber for extra-long distance high-speed communications.

For conventional cable selection, the following information needs to be confirmed:
1. Type of fiber cores (For more details, please refer to fiber type selection)
2. The number of fiber cores (one core or multi-core)
3. Structure of fiber (such as optical power composite cable, aerial optical cable, direct burial fiber cable, duct optical cable, and metal-free fiber optic cable)
4. Application environments for fiber (such as continuous tension to be withstood, burial, aerial, anti-rat biting, resistance to bending, etc.)
5. Other requirements (fire resistance, LSOH, etc.)
Finally, after overall consideration of the above information, we can design for you the cable suitable for your field application environment.
If there is no product you need in our list of conventional products, or if you want to customize the product meeting your requirements, you can send the specifications to [email protected]